Busy Day at Wals
Steam Locomotives. More photos in the Photo Gallery 

About Us

Otago Miniature Road and Rail Society has been formed to cater for the needs of the miniature model engineer, train, traction engine and steam truck enthusiast. It runs for the good of the community and charitable groups. We now have 1km of track to run on through a stunning site. Currently under construction is a viaduct track extension.
Ponds are now being used by those interested in radio control scale boats, yachts, jet boats, etc. We are an incorporated society that is also running under the National Model Engineering body MEANZ.
To promote model engineering and to give people enjoyment through giving train rides. To give money when the club can afford for charitable bodies for the good of the community.
Radio Controlled Truck
Radio Controlled Model Trucks

Running Schedule & Events

    Running days are subject to change and can be affected by weather. 
    For the latest notifications, please check our Facebook page.

Boats on pond
Radio Controlled Model Boats

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